When building or maintaining a website we always check for, and/or add, the following plugins to ensure a secure, fast, glitch-free website experience.

These are our recommended plugin installs for every WordPress website, new or established.

Go through the checklist and add whatever you don’t have, ‘cause life was meant to be easy, right? 😉.

Firstly if your WordPress install is running on the main theme, not a child theme, install the child theme and have it migrated across.

Then install, activate and configure:

Akismet: cuts out almost all blog post spam comments, which can also prevent malware/unwanted bots.

Wordfence security: arguably the best on the market.

Site Kit by Google: for analytics, search console, Adsense, page speed insights, etc.

An SEO plugin: use a good one, such as Yoast SEO, as some are literally garbage. 😉

A GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin.

Captcha 4WP or similar: create google reCaptcha keys then install & configure reCaptcha to protect from intruders attempting to enter via the site login form, registration form, reset password form, lost password form & comments from.

NitroPack: for load speed optimisation.
The paid version is configurable whilst the free version is not but free is ok for small sites, if you don’t mind the footer advert. 👇


Scar Media Group uses Nitropack for WordPress website speed optimisation

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Other installs, that just make life better.

WP File Manager or similar: saves having to log into cPanel or your file manager software. Access all your website files right on your WordPress dashboard.

Duplicate post plugin: again, Yoast is a good one.

Classic Widgets: I doubt anyone likes the new widget builder 😉.

Classic editor: ditto Classic Widgets.

Formidable: if you intend to use custom vs basic forms, eg; custom contact form, multi-step enquiry forms etc.

Whilst these suggestions obviously do not include any proprietary add-ons required for specific purposes, with the above you’ll be well set up and ready to build, or maintain, a secure, fast and glitch-free website! 👍

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To your continued success,

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